We’re expanding – junior Media Sales Executive wanted

Post on September 3rd 2012 by Chris Quigley

Good news world – the Viral Ad Network (VAN) is expanding it’s sales team and is looking for a junior Media Sales Executive to join its Soho office . . .

Job description: Junior Media sales executive (Junior love-sharer and word-spreader)

What you’re like: You’re good.  You’re really good.  In fact you’re so fricking good you could sell karate lessons to Chuck Norris and self-help books to Bill Clinton.  You’re that good.  And boy you’re charismatic.  Wow, every time you walk into a room you set off charisma bombs that seduce and disarm even the most stony-faced buyer.  And the best bit about you is that you’re this awesome and yet only been working for a couple of years.  So, Imagine what you’ll be doing in 10 years????  Yeah, that’s right – you’ll be retired; sitting on your boat in the Med supping Mai Tai’s whilst lamenting all the deals you lost and how much longer your Abromovich-style super yacht could have been . . .

Screen Shot 2012 09 03 at 19.19.45 Were expanding   junior Media Sales Executive wanted

What you’re doing at the moment: You’re probably working for a pretty average media company in sales.  You’ve been in the role for a year or so after picking the job because it sounded like a great opportunity after uni, but actually the product you’re selling is kinda average and you’re more ambitious than that, so you want out.

What you want: to work in an awesome company, with an awesome product.  You want to sell loads of product and make $$$.

What we want: We’re looking for someone who can sell.  Frankly you don’t have to be the Chuck Norris of sales to sell our product offering as it kinda sells itself.  That said we only employ the best, so you’re gonna have to be pretty darn good otherwise you won’t get the job.  You also need to have a keen sense of irony and wit.  A love of memes / the internet will really help.  Being nice will help too.

What you’ll be doing: You’ll mostly be on the phone, chatting up ad agencies and PR consultancies across the UK.  For the bigger agencies with bigger sales opportunities you’ll be organising meetings to demo our product / services.  You’ll also help organise invites to #KittenCamp, and possibly need to dress as a cat from time to time.  You’ll do all this out of our Soho office.

What you’ll get in return: We offer competitive pay + bonus schemes.  Not quite enough to buy a super yacht in year 1.  That’ll come in year 2 (hopefully) . . .

How to apply: please send in your CV with a quick covering letter / email to our Sales Director, Liz Pavitt:  FYI, if you’re not looking for a *junior role* we’re also looking for other levels of sales seniority too, so if you like the sound of working for us do get in touch too!

Screen Shot 2012 09 03 at 19.14.381 Were expanding   junior Media Sales Executive wanted

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