Viral Chart – Olympic highlights, pop mashups and thieving pups!

Post on August 17th 2012 by Melanie Peck

With the whole nation mourning the end of the Olympics like the loss of a childhood pet, we can bow down to the beauty of modern technology, which allows us to watch the exceptional sporting highlights over and over…. and it seems we’ve been doing just that!

Whether it was the sheer disbelief at the speed Usain Bolted across the finish line (excuse the pun!), or the guilty pleasure of witnessing the reunion of the original ambassadors of Girl Power, The Spice Girls; we took to the Internet in our thousands in an attempt to relive one of the biggest events that has graced our country, well, EVER!

Coverage of the events dominates the viral brand chart this week with four videos flying the official flag for the Olympics, and a fifth Olympic-themed video for Adidas, whilst over in the UGC chart, music videos are the solid flavour of the week with song parodies snatching the top two spots.

The DRUM Viral Brand Chart:

Athletics Men’s 200m Final Full Replay : In true Bolt fashion, the self-proclaimed “living legend” has bagged himself another Gold, this time as the front-runner of the viral brand chart. Over 123,000 of us have digitally shared Bolts victorious 200m performance, which made him the first man ever to win the Olympic sprint double twice in succession. The 100m final also appears in the chart this week, positioned in the slightly more modest 9th place.

Adidas -Team GB Don’t Stop Me Now: In silver medal position this week is another new entry with a video from Adidas, featuring  #TeamGB and their rendition of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now”. The video has received 86,294 shares in a mere 4 days of being pubished.

Queen themselves made an appearance at the closing ceremony on Sunday night, and as a result have earned another placement in the chart.  In at number 8 this week, with 12,628 shares , is the formidable duo between Queen and songstress Jessie J, showcasing the phenomenal advancement in modern technology with a nostalgic performance from a holographic Freddie Mercury.

Closing Ceremony – Spice Girls: The fifth and final Olympic video featuring in the charts this week brought back some fond, and slightly embarrassing, childhood memories for a large proportion of viewers, I’m sure. I am referring, of course, to the Spice Girls first reunion since 2008. Entering the chart at number 4, the video, which shows the spicy arrival  in taxis designed to reflect their notorious 90’s personas, has been shared 36,500 times since their Sunday performance. Who’d have thought the world would still be ‘spicing up their lives’ in 2012?!

The amazingly eccentric closing ceremony marked the culmination of what some have hailed the “coronation moment” of the new century. As depressing as the thought of ‘The End’ may be, we can at least sleep easy with the knowledge that the memories will live forever to be watched and shared online!!

The DRUM User Generated Chart

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (Chatroulette Version): Just when we thought the Call Me Maybe craze was over, this hilarious Chat Roulette version storms in to the top of the UGC chart with a staggering 15,767,081 views and 822,400 shares in less than a week!

Yes, it is yet ANOTHER Carly Rae Jepsen parody, but this cringe-worthy video of well known Youtube personality, Steve Kardynal, (star of Songs in Real Life & Born This Way), strutting around in women’s underwear, (surprisingly enough), actually does give it it a fresh lease of life. Plus, the reaction of all the unsuspecting shirtless men is pretty priceless!

Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra: At number 2 in the chart and continuing the music parody theme, is this awesome mashup of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know, produced by the man himself, (aka Wally De Backer).

Putting the fact that I love this song aside, this is one of the best song remixes I’ve ever seen! Using a selection of existing YouTube fan covers, an orchestra weaves together a mixture of choral arrangements, acoustic riffs and even instructional videos, to make a brilliant remix and a lovely tribute to all his fans.

Dog Steals Cabbage: Finally, our animal video of the week – at number 5 in the chart is Maymo the Beagle, who has a bit of an unusual food craving. Now you might be imagining a juicy bone, or perhaps a nice bit of pie, but you’d be wrong. This little doggie is after a healthier snack and his owners set up a hidden camera to catch their naughty pup in the act and expose his cabbage thieving ways!

For the full round up of top videos from the internet visit The Drum Viral Video Chart, powered by The Viral Ad Network, or follow @ViralAdNetwork to stay up to date with the latest industry news and YouTube gossip.

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