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Post on January 31st 2013 by Marta Rocamora

Today we are talking with Simon Robinson who is the Founder, Creative Director and tea boy of Gigs and Festivals Ltd.

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What is the daily routine of a music blogger?

A typical day for me, starts with a cup of Chai Tea while I check through my emails and daily press releases. I then head up to the office and start the daily editorial, keeping the site and our readers up to date with the latest live music news. I’m addicted to Twitter, so updating that is almost as important to me as updating the site – today we got a retweet off Wiley! Sometimes I’ll catch a gig to review in the evenings or listen to one of the many albums posted to us to review. However in summer, during the busy festival season you can find me in a muddy field anywhere from Torquay to Inverness covering and interviewing bands and DJ’s whilst having fun soaking up the festival lifestyle and living off the latest line in burger van chic.

How did Gigs&Festivals start?

While I was at university I’d always had the idea of a live music publication but studying full-time and working part time I didn’t have the time to act on my idea. When I finished university I spent most of the summer working at festivals all around the UK. During a break at a music festival sipping warm cider and checking out bands I thought about my idea more and how the major music publications don’t write fairly about live acts and write to suit their sponsors or cover all genes of live music. The idea of the site was born, now I just needed a name. Then I asked myself what are my passions in music and suddenly it hit me Gigs and Festivals. The moment I got home from the festival I registered the name

G&F have a well-established reputation and a loyal base of followers – What is your key to success?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you!

Do you know what is your average user profile?

Yes, its predominately childless males between the ages of 16-35. Its normally people visiting whilst at work, college or university – I would have been one of these guys while I was at uni!

When they go to the site, are they more interested in information related with tour dates and album releases or are they looking for a more subjective appraisal such as reviews?

It depends more on who the article is about, than whether it’s a personal review or informative material. For example, if you put up a Bieber article you know it’s going to be popular either way.

Which one is the busiest section of Gigs&Festivals ?

The News section is the busiest section of the site; this is where we post tour dates, interviews, album releases etc. Our most successful post this week has been about Fleetwood Mac

Do you see your traffic increased by any special events or time frame?

The summer period is always our busiest because it’s the height of the festival season; people want to know how to get to the festivals, what the facilities are like, or a reminder of the line up. We also see the site traffic go up, when legendary musicians die, like Whitney Houston. So we strive to post accurate and respectful news from reliable sources at times like these.

Where does most of your traffic come from? Do they usually go to the site straight away or is it through Google Searches or social networks?

We have a big following of people who do come to us direct. Social media is a gentle reminder to people of what we do. We also use advertising networks to continue our already rapid growth.

Do you keep track of your site’s analytics?

I am absolutely addicted to checking our analytics. It is useful to know how people are finding our site and what music, bands, articles people are the most popular, so we can keep featuring relevant content that our readers will enjoy.

What do you care most about your ad provider?

Friendly, approachable and creative staff and of course payments on time so I can fund my tea and monster munch addiction!

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