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Winners guide to being a LOL puppy

February 18th, 2013 by Melanie Peck

We’re on the hunt for a selection of LOL Puppies to face *Meme Master Meow* (aka @theQuiggler) in our upcoming #KittenCamp *meme battles* in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.  We realise the whole concept sounds a bit bonkers, so we thought a simple infographic would help  explain it all [view below].

If you know someone who fits the bill, please get in touch with Chris Q via @theQuiggler OR Chris AT To find out more about our US #KittenCamp tour, check out the #KittenCamp homepage (where you can sign up for free tickets too).

puppyguide small Winners guide to being a LOL puppy

Viral Chart: Internet Explorer woos customers back with 90′s nostalgia

January 31st, 2013 by Melanie Peck

The DRUM Viral Brand Chart – Top trending video ad campaigns

Going straight to the top of the Brand Chart this week, with over 8 million views and 168,193 shares, Internet Explorer has released a new ad attempting to woo back customers with a nostalgic trip to the 90’s. Using the tag line, “You grew up, so did we”, viewers are led on a journey down memory lane, to a time before iPods and Mobile phones, when life was simpler, Tamagotchies were cool, modems made strange noises, and, well, people still used Internet Explorer. The advert is part of a new marketing push to promote the brand’s revamped browser features and encourage customers to “reconnect with the NEW Explorer” – I’m not sure it will be enough to convince people to ditch the likes of Chrome and Safari, but for anyone born in the 80’s, it’s a pretty fun blast from the past!

Snatching the number 2 slot this week, with over 4.5 million views and 76,189 shares, cable company TNT has unleashed more drama on the unsuspecting public to promote the channel’s new season of programmes in Holland. The ad, produced by Belgium agency Duval Guillaume Modem, follows the massive success of its predecessor, “Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square”, which quickly became one of the most shared ads of 2012.

If you saw the last video you pretty much know what to expect with this one; unsuspecting bystander presses mysterious red button in the street and chaos ensues. This time ‘victims’ are abducted and taken to a mysterious location where the dramatic sequence of events unfolds, from masked criminals and gunfights to riot police, explosions and Elvis impersonators. The video itself is quite fun but the abduction scenario raises questions about the authenticity of the ‘victims’, making it seem likely that they might have been actors, or at least received some kind of briefing about the stunt, and I have to admit I would have liked to see the brand do something that wasn’t quite so similar to its previous campaign. Overall I can’t imagine the video achieving quite the same levels of success as its predecessor but with over 4.5 million views and counting, there’s no doubt that the brand has another viral hit under its belt.


The DRUM User Generated Content Chart – Top trending homemade and entertainment virals.

Top of the UGC chart this week with nearly half a million shares and over 4 million views since it was released on Thursday, a plucky little 9-year-old American boy, AKA “Kid President’, gives the world a feel good pep-talk.

The self-appointed “Tiny President of the United States”, whose real name is Robbie Novack is on a one ‘man’ mission to make grown-ups more fun, delivering inspirational quotes like, “If there are two paths, I want to be on the one that leads to awesome” and “Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid… then get a better dream”. The video is the latest in a collection of clips which initially began as a family joke and have since blossomed into a weekly viral series uploaded to YouTube by Soul Pancake, the production and development company headed by Rainn Wilson (star of American spin off series The Office). It’s not often that we see a viral rising star quite so young, but something tells me we’ll be seeing more of the mini suit-wearing president in the viral charts this year.

Also trending in the UGC chart; BadLipReading is back again, with some amusing Presidential Inauguration LOLs, American footballer Manti Te’o gets songified, and The Slow Mo Guys blow more stuff up.

Squeak of the Week: After last week’s cute overload sadly no #SqueakOfTheWeek contenders made it into this weeks top ten listings, but don’t worry, I’ve managed to dig out some bonus videos to make sure nobody is disappointed… In the mood for some tiny kitten LOL’s? – Kitten Meets Hedgehog. Or maybe baby monkeys dressed in padded winter onesies and playing in the snow is more your thing? – Little Monkey in Russia.

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