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#KittenCamp American Tour dates are announced!

February 19th, 2013 by Melanie Peck

General us tour #KittenCamp American Tour dates are announced!

Exciting news – #KittenCamp is coming to the USA!

Our VAN team have been showcasing viral awesomeness at #KittenCamps across the UK for nearly 3 years now, so we’ve decided it’s about time to take a little trip across the pond and share the joy – let the #KittenCamp US road-trip begin!

In case you’ve never heard of it before; #KittenCamp is an event for web-loving, industry folk to watch memes, drink (FREE) beer & listen to chats from a whole host of awesome guest speakers.

#KittenCamp was launched in London in 2010, and has grown into a cult phenomenon with events run in cities around the world, from Sydney to San Francisco.

The format of the evening has three parts…

  1. The Meme Battle: our very own ‘Meme Master Meow’ takes on a guest ‘LOL-puppy’ in a round-by-round video meme-off to see who can get the most audience lolz.
  2. Super awesome guest speakers: listen to industry folk chatting about recent viral campaigns, internet culture and other random web stuff.
  3. Drinks and monster-musical-meme-mixer – with FREE beers.

We’ll be kicking off the tour in New York on the 20th of March, then moving on to Chicago on the 27th, and finally ending up with a gig in San Francisco on the 3rd of April. Check out the #KittenCamp website for more information and to book your free place – tickets always go quick so book now to avoid disappointment!

You can learn more about the BBC’s experience of #KittenCamp on the BBC news pages or watch our little promo video below.

P.S. – Don’t forget to like the #KittenCamp Facebook page and follow @JoinVAN on Twitter for the latest event updates and viral news!

Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!

October 30th, 2012 by Melanie Peck

With You Tube now the most popular video hosting platform, it’s more important than ever for marketers to keep up to date with the latest developments and new features.

We know it takes time to trawl through blogs to make sure you keep on top of the game, so we produce a handy monthly summary of new YouTube developments, with everything you could possibly need to know to optimise your video and get the best possible results from your campaigns.

Oct 3rd: Improving Content ID.
YouTube have recently made three noteworthy updates to the content ID feature – the technologies which let rights owners identify user-uploaded videos comprised of their content and decide what they want to happen when those videos are found (monetize, track metrics or block them).
- A New Appeals Process
- Smarter Detection of Unintentional Claims
- Improved Matching Quality

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 12.48.31 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!Oct 8th: YouTube takes on TV with 60 new channels.
YouTube is taking aim at traditional broadcasters with the launch of 60 new channels featuring programmes made by some of the UK’s most respected production companies.
YouTube has teamed up with media companies including Hat Trick, All3Media, and ITN for the UK channels which include the Jamie Oliver Food Channel, BBC Worldwide’s On Earth and Mixmag TV. The plan is believed to be part of a bid to lure viewers away from traditional TV shows to online shows.

Oct 11th: YouTube chief – ‘mobile will soon eclipse TV’.
Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 12.50.10 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!YouTube’s programming chief has claimed mobile phones will soon be the “first screen”, ranking above the television as the place users go to watch content. Robert Kyncl, head of content for YouTube, dismissed the idea that smartphones and tablet devices are becoming the “second-screen”, battling for viewers attention whilst watching TV – Instead mobiles are the first screens and televisions belong further down the pecking order.

Oct 11th: YouTube Analytics now includes Time Watched, Annotation reporting & more.

YouTube have made a number of improvements to their video Analytics feature, these are as follows:
Audience Engagement- You are now able to see the estimated number of minutes viewers have watched your content.
Annotations report – Improvements to the existing annotations feature now allow you to view data on the performance of video annotations, with insights on view, click and close rates.Analytics Made Easier – An improved data slider now allows you to quickly adjust the date range to see how your videos performed over different time periods; The introduction of rolling totals allow you to average data across a period of time- smoothing out growth trends as opposed to staggered daily data.
Compare metrics – Provide you with more ways to compare trends and patterns across different metrics

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 12.51.31 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!

Oct 11th: YouTube could allow subscription channels.
YouTube is looking at giving its original content partners the option to charge users for subscriptions to their channels. Although there are no set plans, if they do go ahead with this approach “The majority will be ad- supported, and there will be some that will be paid”, according to head of content Robert Kyncl.

Oct 12th: YouTube search, now optimised for time watched.

Following the recent addition of Time Watched reporting to YouTube analytics, YouTube have started adjusting the ranking of videos in a search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching. So far, the experiment has proven positive as viewers are spending less time clicking and more time watching.

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 12.54.57 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!Oct 14th: World Record for YouTube.
Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile fall to Earth on Sunday was watched by a record audience of more than 8 million people live on YouTube – making it the sites biggest live-streamed event to date.
Baumgartner’s audience is a significant indication of the way audiences will increasingly watch live global events such as this in the future.

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 13.02.05 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!Oct 16th: Virtual debate watch party
In honour of the second presidential debate that took place in Hempstead, New York, YouTube enabled viewers to create virtual debate “watch parties” inside a Google+ Hangout. Once a specifically made Hangout window was opened, viewers were able to invite friends to watch the debate virtually together.

October 18th: Changes to monetization settings announced
YouTube announced that as of November 9th they will automatically enable ad settings on older monetized content in line with current default ad settings. This change will only affect monetized videos uploaded before April 20th 2012.

October 19th: YouTube Campaigns: A digital thermometer for nonprofit videos
Campaigns is a new feature which allows nonprofits to create campaigns with goals like increasing views or subscribers, track their progress and let people contribute to their goals.
A campaign consists of one or more videos, and once created, videos in that campaign will show an overlay on them, encouraging viewers to contribute to the campaign.
In addition, a Campaign tab will show up on your channel, with a bar showing the progress toward your goal.

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 13.04.56 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!October 19th: YouTube Hacked?
Within hours of the search engine’s catastrophic stock market tumble, which saw the company lose $24 US Billion, YouTube crashed. Some YouTube users were faced with an error message when they visited the site, and the wording suggested it may have been the work of hackers. YouTube worked quickly to address the issue and fix the problem.

October 25th: InVideo Programming
InVideo programming is a new feature which allows you to display a video across your entire video library. In addition to displaying videos,the feature also enables you to promote your channel branding – If you change your branding in the future, you are able to replace it with a single update. InVideo programming travels with your video wherever Video Annotations are available.

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 13.08.49 Catch up on the latest YouTube News with our October roundup!October 24th: Ads Worth Spreading
YouTube has teamed up with TED to support their Ads Worth Spreading initiative, a global search for the 10 most compelling ad campaigns of the year. To help answer the question of what makes ads great, TED released a report summarising the findings from Ads Worth Spreading to date.

October 29th: How to Build your Audience
The YouTube Partner Support team hosted a Partner Meet-Up in New York, and carried out a live stream of the latest episode of ‘Partner Support Talks with…‘ in which they discussed ways to cultivate an audience. For an overview of the meeting go to