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Viral Trends: Clucking eggcellent virals from LG and Mercedes

October 2nd, 2013 by Sammy

It seems there is an unlikely contender for YouTube’s fave animal on the viral ads this week… CHICKENS! Yes that’s right, little chuck chuck chickens have got the star roles in two of the most viewed branded videos this week. YouTube loves kittens, so why not chickens?! Their empty stare, endless pecking… and you can eat them too! The perfect animal. They’d never judge you. And if you’re insisting that cats aren’t capable of judgement, you are wrong.

Anywizzle, the special feature of the chickens exploited in these adverts is something called the ‘vestibulo ocular reflex’- meaning their necks are long, bendy and s-shaped so he-chicken or she-chicken can bob around with their heads in one place. This keeps the chicken’s field of vision stable so they can see Mr Fox before he runs off into the woods with them. Pretty clever. Mercedes-Benz and LG seem to agree as they have both gone for a very similar approach to one another this week: harnessing the awesome power of the king of stability, the chicken.

LG’s chicken of choice helps to demonstrate the newest addition to their family of phones: ‘Optical Image Stabilisation’. The ad shows the touching relationship between a man and his hen, Izzy, who wears a little camera on her head as he chucks her off cliffs and similar, in turn making her a star!

Mercedes-Benz’s ad promotes its ‘Magic Body Control’, as part of its ‘Intelligent Drive’. Without knowing what any of those words mean, and without even a glimpse of a car or sniff of petrol, Mercedes-Benz gets their new feature across in a cute, funny way. Maybe a side to the big car brand we haven’t seen before.

In the social media cock-fight, Mercedes-Benz is laying into LG, with tweets and Facebook shares combined equalling ten-fold what LG have achieved. Bit of a cock-a-doodle don’t for LG.

You know what I said before about chickens being YouTube’s pet of the moment? I LIED. Far and away the most loved branded video this week has been GoPro’s fireman saving a weeny kitten from a fire (a kitten which then popped its little clogs later in the day, but let us not dwell on Lucky’s passing too much lest I break my keyboard again with my weeping). Encouraging us all to ‘be a hero’, GoPro’s stroke of genius in resurrecting this hit has garnered them nearly 400k in shares over the week.

Two of the most shared videos on the user-generated content side of things get the party goiiiiiiin’. Sesame Street have collab’d with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to make this poppin’ version of the SS theme tune. It’s so sweet, it has a rapper (sweet, rapper? Sweet wrapper? Eeeeh forget you anyway).

More controversially, a lady has binned her rubbish job in spectacular fashion. Dancing to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’ (tuuuune!) she throws moves all over her ex-office before breaking the news to her former employer. Unfortunately, her rad choreography have been tainted- the company has posted a reply. Did I mention that this company specialise in making their videos and then making them go viral? Who else smells a PR stunt? All together now, BOOOOOOO.

Lastly, and most depressingly, is Rainfall Films’ WonderWoman faux-trailer. Personally, I think it’s pretty good- it captures the right amount of epic and the costumes are on point- but unfortunately its the comments that make this video a depressing one. Absolutely chock-a-block with sexual abuse, discussions about the bodies of the actresses and general smut, these comments just go to show that the internet is still a sad place to be if you’re a lady trying to get involved in any of the big comment-based websites (Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, I’m looking at you).

Sorry to end on such a bummer! Look, to make you feel better, I’ve finally found what the fox says. Thaaaat’s better. See you next week!

Viral Chart: It’s all about the warm and fuzzies

September 18th, 2013 by Sammy

This week’s chart is all about that feeling: a hug from from mum, a cup of tea at the end of a long day, little baby animals being all dead cute and that… all that gooey stuff. It takes a bit of something special to pull the ol’ heartstrings in this desensitised world of ours (thanks, 4chan) but even companies perceived as industrial bigwigs like Chanel and Chipotle can feel the love in the air. Chanel goes back to its provincial roots with a touching love-letter to its founder Coco Chanel, an orphan girl who by sticking to her principles, going for something original and mending a broken heart created a fashion legacy like no other. It also looks lovely- just as chic as Chanel herself.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

I have to say, Chipotle’s ad was the one that got me right in the feels. Down-trodden scarecrows being pushed around by terrifying robot crows while a happy facade hides shiny-eyed cows in boxes and steroid-jabbed chickens… It might not sound immediately familiar, but this is a seriously moving piece of social commentary, and an interesting move for a fast food joint. It’s a tie-in with a game which kinda makes me wish a phone good enough to play it.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

Speaking of phones, they seem to be having a moment too- especially after the twin release of the iPhone 5s and 5c on the 10th. Unfortunately for Apple, there seems to be a new kid on the ‘blok’ (hohoho) in the form of Phonebloks, a brand new way of thinking about the way we buy and use our phones. By having a phone that can be easily broken down into single components and be bought  and replaced piece by piece, it’s looking to revolutionise the mobile phone market. It’s captured the hearts and minds of many a phone-fancier and it’s climbed to the top of the chart.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

UCG chart-side it’s more of this soppy stuff. Prepare to have your heartstrings twanged mercilessly and to blubber in a public place as Spencer proclaims his undying love to his sweetheart along to a banging bassline in Home Depot. Not completely drained of every fluid in your body yet? Then bawl like a small child at LAHWF’s ‘Tipping Servers $200′, where three lovely waiters and waitresses get more than they were expecting when an evening shift turns into a happy dance.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies 0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

Here to dry those tears, Kid President is a cheeky chap I just can’t get enough of. Robby is the little dude with big ideas who’s met Obama, Beyonce and a host of other celebs to get their views on the world. Not fazed in the slightest by his celebrity status, Robby is forever chirpy, optimistic and generally awesome. In this video he gets motivational with his ultimate feel-good pep talk for students and teachers. Remember: ‘You’re here, you take up space, you matter!’. Oh Kid President, I believe everything you say.

Elsewhere in the UGC chart we’ve got Shane Dawson going gaga for Gaga, Ben Affleck getting totes emosh about his kiddiwinks and Ohio University’s marching band giving Ylvis’ The Fox a bash.

Squeak of the Week: To round off this emotional encounter, let’s have a bit of pure silliness. Vine+kitten+Miley’s Wrecking Ball? Most excellent. Happy Wednesday one and all!