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Viral Chart: It’s all about the warm and fuzzies

September 18th, 2013 by Sammy

This week’s chart is all about that feeling: a hug from from mum, a cup of tea at the end of a long day, little baby animals being all dead cute and that… all that gooey stuff. It takes a bit of something special to pull the ol’ heartstrings in this desensitised world of ours (thanks, 4chan) but even companies perceived as industrial bigwigs like Chanel and Chipotle can feel the love in the air. Chanel goes back to its provincial roots with a touching love-letter to its founder Coco Chanel, an orphan girl who by sticking to her principles, going for something original and mending a broken heart created a fashion legacy like no other. It also looks lovely- just as chic as Chanel herself.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

I have to say, Chipotle’s ad was the one that got me right in the feels. Down-trodden scarecrows being pushed around by terrifying robot crows while a happy facade hides shiny-eyed cows in boxes and steroid-jabbed chickens… It might not sound immediately familiar, but this is a seriously moving piece of social commentary, and an interesting move for a fast food joint. It’s a tie-in with a game which kinda makes me wish a phone good enough to play it.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

Speaking of phones, they seem to be having a moment too- especially after the twin release of the iPhone 5s and 5c on the 10th. Unfortunately for Apple, there seems to be a new kid on the ‘blok’ (hohoho) in the form of Phonebloks, a brand new way of thinking about the way we buy and use our phones. By having a phone that can be easily broken down into single components and be bought  and replaced piece by piece, it’s looking to revolutionise the mobile phone market. It’s captured the hearts and minds of many a phone-fancier and it’s climbed to the top of the chart.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

UCG chart-side it’s more of this soppy stuff. Prepare to have your heartstrings twanged mercilessly and to blubber in a public place as Spencer proclaims his undying love to his sweetheart along to a banging bassline in Home Depot. Not completely drained of every fluid in your body yet? Then bawl like a small child at LAHWF’s ‘Tipping Servers $200′, where three lovely waiters and waitresses get more than they were expecting when an evening shift turns into a happy dance.

0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies 0 Viral Chart: Its all about the warm and fuzzies

Here to dry those tears, Kid President is a cheeky chap I just can’t get enough of. Robby is the little dude with big ideas who’s met Obama, Beyonce and a host of other celebs to get their views on the world. Not fazed in the slightest by his celebrity status, Robby is forever chirpy, optimistic and generally awesome. In this video he gets motivational with his ultimate feel-good pep talk for students and teachers. Remember: ‘You’re here, you take up space, you matter!’. Oh Kid President, I believe everything you say.

Elsewhere in the UGC chart we’ve got Shane Dawson going gaga for Gaga, Ben Affleck getting totes emosh about his kiddiwinks and Ohio University’s marching band giving Ylvis’ The Fox a bash.

Squeak of the Week: To round off this emotional encounter, let’s have a bit of pure silliness. Vine+kitten+Miley’s Wrecking Ball? Most excellent. Happy Wednesday one and all!

SXSW 2013: The Science of Virality

March 18th, 2013 by Dave Jones

One of VAN’s missions is to investigate how and why people share content online. We’ve created TubeRank to help marketers do this for themselves and always urge our clients to have shareability at the heart of their campaign. This idea of the ‘science of virality’ seemed to be one of the key themes at SXSW 2013, where a range of speakers and panels I saw discussed it from different perspectives. Here’s what some of the thought-leaders in the industry said on the topic at this year’s event:

  • BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti, gave a talk on “The Big Power Shift in Media”. He advised that marketers wanting to go viral should aim their campaign at the “bored-at-work” network; those office workers who take the time to share online content regularly. If your idea is funny, thoughtful, cute, nostalgic or moving enough you can access a distribution network bigger than the BBC, CNN or any traditional broadcast media outlet. He stressed the importance of planning both the content and distribution strategy early on in a campaign, along with the potential benefits for those who get it right. BuzzFeed’s ongoing success as a creator and curator of viral content, and increasingly as a legitimate news source, is testament to this advice. Check out this video from Peretti which covers some of the same points.
  • In their “Spreadable Media” panel, Sam Ford (Peppercomm), Joshua Green (Undercurrent) and Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California) encouraged people to think harder about why (not just how) people share content online. They eschewed the term ‘viral’ altogether. For them, the term implies a spontaneous and thoughtless process, and instead they focussed on the motives which drive a viewer’s decision to pass content to their social network. Allow viewers to put their own stamp on your campaign, make it remixable and personalisable and you can expect a much better return on bought media. See their book “Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture” for a more in-depth discussion of their model.
  • CEO of the Cheezburger Network (one of Viral Ad Network’s publishing partners) Ben Huh put special importance on humour in viral content, encouraging marketers to use it as a tool when creating online video ads. Most importantly, he urged brands not to take themselves too seriously – people online will make fun of you whether you like it or not, if you’re prepared for this it’s easier to turn it to your advantage. Check out Ikea Singapore’s reaction to the horsemeat scandal for proof that this works.

To summarise my lessons in virality from SXSW 2013:

Consider your audience. Consider why people will want to share your content. Plan your distribution early on. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If in doubt, include a kitten.