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Earn money from your blog with entertaining ads

"It's a pleasure working with the folks at Viral Ad Network. VAN has always been able to provide us high quality video ads that serve our international markets. Their staff have always been friendly and have always provided great customer service."

Colin Bradford,

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Make money from your site

Do you love blogging? Do you own a great website? Start monetising your site by joining our worldwide network of thousands of bloggers and publishers, and host some kick-ass video ads!

With us, making money from advertising on your site is incredibly simple and easy, plus our ads will be relevant and entertaining to your audience. We aim to provide our publishers (which could include you!) with quality branded content that entertains your audience whilst earning you money.

  • Our advanced ad targeting can boost your revenue by up to 60%
  • Every action on your ad unit will earn you cash
  • We pay out every time you reach £50 worth of earnings
  • Payments can be processed to anywhere in the world using PayPal, BACS, wire transfer, etc

Ads as good as content

We work with top brands that produce great ads that will sit happily alongside the rest of your site content, simultaneously entertaining your readers & earning you money!

  • Our ads are all opt in & user-initiated. No irritating auto-playing ads here!
  • Ads are targeted in real time for each of your site visitors using our sophisticated targeting algorithm.
  • We like to focus on the shareability of our campaigns. We strive to provide branded content that captures the imagination of your visitors; ads they enjoy enough to share.
  • The majority of our ads are video ads, although sometimes we run entertaining games, apps and other rich media.

"It's always a pleasure working with Viral Ad Network - I've worked on some great campaigns with leading global brands during our partnership. Viral Ad Network is also backed up with a professional team of staff who are always available to assist their publishers"

Simon Robinson,

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Easy to use!

We couldn't make it any simpler to work with us! Once you place our ad units on your site you can sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Once your registration has been approved, our publisher team will set you up with a shiny new dashboard, which will contain your ad unit's unique embed code. All you have to do is insert the code into your site!

  • Track all actions & earnings on your bespoke dashboard! It'll show a complete breakdown of your earnings by date, domain & territory.
  • Ad units will automatically update with new campaigns, meaning you'll get fresh, exciting content without having to lift a finger.
  • Ad units are easy to install and once placed they are very low maintenance.

We help you improve your blogging

Our publisher management team live and breathe all things blog, and they can help you maximise your blogging potential through advice and tips on:

  • Ad unit placements
  • Attracting higher engagement in your blogposts
  • Maximising your blog revenue
  • Monitoring & optimising your eCPM
  • Internet advertising regulations, and so much more!

Give them a shout at or tweet them at @JoinVan.

Also, check out the VAN blog for a plethora of information from the publishing and advertising world!

"Bad ads ruin websites. If you're a blogger, one of the first challenges you'll face is sorting out good quality advertisers who provide decent ads, fair prices and are making it work without heaps of time and drama. That's why I like being part of the Viral Ad Network. With VAN I know I've got more than a source of quality of ads that earn me money. I know it's the sort of content that my readers will want to see!"

Andrew Girdwood,

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